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1st Generation Pilates Teacher Lolita San Miguel is delighted that her Teacher Training Programme is now available in the UK and if you would like to attend her Pilates Teacher Training Scotland is the only place in the UK where you can find it!

This is a unique Pilates Instructor course because it continues the direct line of apprenticeship and training from Joe and Clara Pilates. Only Pilates professionals whom Lolita has personally trained for two years in her Pilates Master Mentor Programme (PMMP) with subsequent Legacy Educator training are qualified to teach Lolita’s Legacyᵀᴹ.

At Bälans, we are the first Pilates School in the UK to have Legacy Educators who have undergone the PMMP and Educator training in the USA.

In 2016 we started the first Pilates course of Lolita’s Legacy™ in the UK, and graduates from this course are now working as 3rd Generation Pilates Teachers across Scotland and the UK.

Teachers who qualify from Lolita’s Legacy™ are recognized globally as having a broad and professional education at the highest standard.

The Course is Comprehensive and covers historical and contemporary Pilates exercises on the Mat, Reformer, Cadillac/Trapeze Table, Chair, Barrels and Auxiliary equipment. The four parts of the course are Introduction and Mat plus Systems I, II and III that cover Pilates Apparatus and Auxiliary equipment.

Lolita has invested a great deal of her own experience in her Pilates teacher training, giving students a rich understanding of the history, philosophy and teaching protocols of the Pilates Method.

Pilates instructor training demands substantial investment of time and effort. Lolita’s Legacy™ provides a strong understanding of the Pilates Method, its history, and the underlying principles. It creates solid Pilates Teachers who are able to teach Pilates classes on all the Pilates Apparatus, as well as the Mat and who understand how all their knowledge can be used to apply the best Pilates experience to their client.

Lolita’s Legacy™ is taught in two formats, the Regular Pilates Teacher Training Course which comprises 12 weekends over about 18 months and the Intensive Pilates teacher Training course which is run as 4 System Blocks of between 4 and 9 days spanning about 12 months.

Bälans Pilates Studio is linked to the UK and overseas by Dundee, Edinburgh and Glasgow Airports, and there is good accommodation on site at reasonable rates.

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