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About Laura

I teach Pilates yet I’m not “just” a  Pilates Teacher , I teach Yoga yet I’m not “just” a Yoga teacher, I’m qualified in many different massage & bodywork methods yet I’m not “just” a massage therapist,  I’m a Master NLP Practitioner yet my skills in this field now far exceed the qualifications I gained 13 + years ago …are you getting the picture ?


THE most important quality to know about me is that I’m fiercely & passionately committed to my own growth and transformation which means by default THIS is exactly the energy I embody AND the energy in which I hold each and every one of my clients, if you consciously knew it or not that's a huge part of the energy you were drawn to about me


I am most definitely a “ I have 41 years experience” kinda woman not an “I’ve experienced the same year 41 times” kinda gal 


I am a space holder. I energetically hold extremely powerful, safe & transformative space for you to just be yourself. From which you learn, grow and develop the most incredible relationships with ALL your bodies ….your physical one, your energetic one, your emotional one and your spiritual one 


Please don’t feel overwhelmed, that doesn’t mean 4 times the work ;-) in fact this is VERY much a case of less is DEFINITELY more ….


Holding space, in essence, is a way of being in relationship with my classes or you as an individual. My role in the relationship, as the space holder, is to intentionally form an energetic “container” in which certain experiences can be had. I am a great listener first and foremost, I listen with the intention to let you be heard and sit with your own words and movement, not with the intention to immediately correct,reply or “fix” you & certainly not without asking permission.  I am the person who holds you in safe awareness without allowing any of my own issues to percolate into the mix so YOU can extract your own inner wisdom. 


I wholeheartedly believe we ALL hold the answers we need within us only sometimes we need a little support, a little nudge in the right direction or maybe a companion


You know when you meet someone ( or maybe they’re a friend ) who any time you’re in their company you find yourself telling them all your deepest darkest ? or maybe there’s someone who you always just feel comfortable and safe around ? You might recognise this as a sensation in your body or just that you enjoy spending time with them, I’m sure you can instantly think of someone right ? ……….Perfect that's an example of how we naturally hold this kind of space for each other. 


Growth and transformation is NEVER all fluffy clouds and roses and you WILL at some point want to give up and quit, despite all that you will always feel safe and comfortable to feel sticky, raw and uncomfortable in the presence of these people because on some level they’ve already learned how to integrate & embody their own shadows and can hold you in your process with integrity…


If you have anyone in your life that fits this description, hold them with the utmost reverence THEY are the rare gems of life 


“Growth is not a linear process, approach your own unique journey with curiosity and you will always be exactly where you're meant to be”

  • I believe we all have the resources within us for powerful transformation

  • I believe in community

  • I believe everything is possible

  • I believe in you because I believe in myself

  • I believe in the power of movement and that movement heals

For anyone thinking about the best presents to get the incredible women in their life, I’d love to recommend the immeasurable healing and restorative power of being held by another women’s magic. It is with the utmost joy that I want to share with you a bit about my incredible friend Laura Weavers and the magic that she (true to her name) weaves. I am always in awe of Laura and the myriad of talents that she easily casts into the world. She is pure & loving power in human form. I am so very lucky to experience her healing often. I know what it’s like to hold space for others, and to crave to be held in that same nurturing grace. When I need to be nurtured and empowered, I turn to Laura. Her wisdom runs through Pilates, mediation, yoga, cacao ceremonies, Reiki, and womb massage. This is just the very top of the iceberg. Imagine all of these gorgeous healing modalities combined under the most soothing and loving care. I am beyond honoured to call Laura a dear friend, a sister, and powerhouse of wisdom and inspiration. If you haven’t yet felt her magic, check her out. NOW is the perfect time to book in for yourself and/or the other women who need blissful hours of deep connection and healing.

Sarah - Alexander Teodorescu

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 116 Flat R Queensferry Rd, Edinburgh, Scotland 󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 EH4 2BG


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