Laura Weavers

Pilates Educator, Yoga Instructor, Feminine Wellbeing
Sovereignty    Embodiment      Alchemy

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About Laura

My intention is to create a safe and fun learning environment where everyone feels welcome and included. I will create opportunity in class for everyone to grow and feel supported, I will answer all questions honestly from my own experience to the best of my knowledge.

I am committed to helping you transform WHATEVER that looks like for you. You will leave feeling strong, confident and empowered...


Yes !!!!!!!!!

  • I believe we all have the resources within us for powerful transformation

  • I believe in community

  • I believe everything is possible

  • I believe in you because I believe in myself

  • I believe in the power of movement and that movement heals

There is something special about Laura's teaching. She has a great deal of technical knowledge and has years of experience of working with a full spectrum of people. This is a foundation for her teaching and you feel very safe in her hands. While this is clearly a hugely important element to teaching, Laura layers this with so much more. She brings her whole self to each session - her passion for the Pilates Method, her compassion, non-judgment, curiosity, love of life and her ability to say just the right thing at the right time. She knows when to push you and she knows when to give you a bit of time and space to 'get it'. However, you happen to feel that day you will come out feeling better. She gets that stuff that you can't learn in books and she does so because she truly cares about each person that she teaches as sees them as the unique individual that they are. As a fellow teacher, I have complete respect for Laura, what she does and how she is with her clients.

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